SSUP - Aadhar Self Service Update Portal, SSUP Login, SSUP Status

What is SSUP Portal?

SSUP portal stands for Self Service Update Portal. e Aadhar card holders can use the UIDIA SSUP website to submit Aadhaar card update request. Any user who has a UID number can use the Self Service Update Portal for Aadhar card address change.
Click here to update aadhar card mobile number.
SSUP update portal has a front page where user needs to click on 'Update Address' button to go to SSUP Login page. Check more details about SSUP below.
Note - doesn't work anymore. Use the new Aadhar card website.

SSUP Home Page

When we go to the homepage of SSUP portal, we get following options.
  • Option to update Aadhar card address online.
  • Option to get address validation letter.
Both the options are visible on the front page of SSUP Portal. You can visit the SSUP homepage here - .

SSUP Login page

When you click on the 'Update Address' button, you will be redirected to the SSUP login page. The login portal for SSUP has a form to login using UID or VID. You have to enter one of these two numbers to login and submit Aadhar address change application online.
To login through SSUP login page, follow these steps -
  1. Go to SSUP homepage.
  2. Click on Update Address button or visit this address - .
  3. Enter your UID number or VID number in the box.
  4. Enter text verification code as shown in image.
  5. Click on Send OTP button. If you have a TOTP, then click on Enter TOTP button.
  6. Enter the OTP received on aadhar card linked mobile number.
  7. Click on login to go to next step.

SSUP Aadhar Address Update

After logging in, you will see option to update Aadhar card address online. The Aadhar card address change application form needs to be filled as follows -
  • Verify your old aadhar card address.
  • Enter new address to be changed in Aadhar.
  • Upload documents to prove new address.
  • Select your BPO service provider and submit form.
This is how you will be able to make aadhar card address change online through SSUP.

SSUP Update Status

You can check Aadhar card update status through SSUP portal. To check SSUP status, you need to have a URN number. When you submit Aadhar card address change form using Step2 above, you get a URN number at the end of the steps. You need to save the URN number to check SSUP update status ahead.
To check SSUP status online -
  1. Go to .
  2. Enter your Aadhar number in the first box.
  3. Leave the SRN number box empty.
  4. Enter URN number in the second box.
  5. Enter text verification code.
  6. Click on 'Get Status' button to get Aadhar update status.
This is how you can check SSUP update status using Self service update portal online.


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