URN Status : Check Aadhar Card Status by URN Number

In Aadhar, URN stands for  Update Request Number. Therefore, whenever you make a request for update in Aadhar card information, you get a Update Request Number. The URN provides you a reference to check status of update request.

What is eAadhar?


It is important for you to have either one of the following to check URN status - SRN or URN. Both can be found at the completion of the update request process. UIDAI provides an acknowledgement receipt at the end of application form and SRN or URN number is found there.
To get URN number, one can follow these steps -
  1. Go to SSUP portal.
  2. Login using Aadhar number or Virtual ID of Aadhar.
  3. Verify using OTP or TOTP for Aadhar.
  4. Make an Aadhar card update request after logging in.
  5. Upload documents required and select BPO service provider.
  6. Submit the aadhar card update form and go to final page.
  7. Locate URN number and save it.
The URN number needs to be saved or printed to check URN status later.

What is URN status?

URN status is Aadhar card update status that is checked using Self Service Update Portal. What is Self Service Update Portal? ) . URN status is also called SSUP update status or SSUP status.

How to check URN status online?
To check URN status, follow these steps -
  1. Go to SSUP home page.
  2. In the menu, locate Check Address Update Status.
  3. Click on the Status Enquiry option.
  4. Visit https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/check-status for direct link.
  5. Enter your URN number.
  6. Enter Aadhar number and verify using captcha code and OTP.
  7. Check URN status and save.
You can also dial *99*99# to check Aadhar card status through USSD. There is no method to check URN status by SMS. We recommed using SSUP portal for checking URN update status.